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                 About Guldan Family Farm

TimGuldan Family Farm was founded in the late 1980s by Denny and Janice Guldan. The farm produces most of the fruits and vegetables common to the southern Minnesota climate on roughly 25 acres of land.

Family members active in production and farm stand sales include Denny and Janice's daughters Emily and Samantha, along with their son Tim. Tim has taken over Janice's jam and jelly making along with canning cucumbers and salsas besides being Denny's right-hand man.

With losing Janice to cancer in September 2012, Denny and Tim had their doubts about being able to manage the farm business without her in 2013. There were ups and there were downs, but in the end, they succeeded and plans for the coming year are in the works! Denny said many prayers that there would be someone to share his life and be part of the business. Those prayers were answered in finding another special person, Dani, and introducing her to the farm, markets and family early in 2013. Dani is new to farming but enjoys working side-by-side with Denny, Tim, Emily and Samantha to continue to provide quality fruits and vegetables through farmers' markets and their CSA program.

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